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  • In Foreclosure

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  • Stop Foreclosure even if your lender has scheduled a sale date **

  • Lower Your Payment by reducing your interest rate and/or adjusting the term of your loan **

  • Get your mortgage reinstated to current status **

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  • ** - These are examples of what might be achieved - all outcomes are different

    If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, or have fallen behind, it is hard to know what to do. It is important that you understand that there are solutions that may help you work out of your situation. We can help even if your bank has stopped accepting your payments, you are in foreclosure. or are facing the sale of your home at auction.

    In trying to find the right solution it is critical that you deal with a law firm that can protect your rights. This can be a complicated process and there are many factors that must be considered to determine how to achieve a sucessful result. In many cases a positive result can be achieved without litigation but it is sometimes necessary to be more agressive to compel the lender to take action. Protecting Homeowners rights, fighting foreclosure actions, and achieving workouts that allow struggling homeowners to have thier monthly mortgage payment reduced to an affordable amount is our only business.

    About Acocella Law Group, P.C.

    Our team, led by Frank A. Acocella, Esq., has a significant amount of experience protecting consumer rights, protecting client’s homes, and fighting foreclosure actions. We have assembled a nationwide network of attorneys to assist our clients through the litigation and mitigation process. Our vast expeience allows us to evaluate your situation and determine what options you have to Save your home. We can reinstate and modify the terms of your mortgage by negotiating on your behalf with your lender. If you are in foreclosure or have received a summons and complaint, we can defend the foreclosure proceeeding and protect your rights to make sure that time is allowed for us to negotiate a workable solution with the lender.

    Below is some general informaiton about our services:

    Foreclosure Litigation Defense – When people fall behind on their mortgages, banks or other types of creditors will initiate foreclosure proceedings. For most people, being served with a notice of foreclosure is frightening and also overwhelming as people are scared of losing their homes. However, before people panic, they should know that they have legal rights and also have alternative options. The key to becoming aware of these options is working with an experienced and aggressive foreclosure defense law firm, like Acocella Law Group, P.C. Depending on our analysis of the homeowner's case and the result of our negotiation with his or her lender, we will advise the homeowner on which foreclosure defense option would be the most favorable for the homeowner. With our experience in loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu, cash for keys, and forensic loan audits, we are confident that we will be able to determine which option is best, as well as negotiate the best terms.

    Mortgage Modification / Mitigation – Whether it's called Foreclosure Mitigation, loan modification, loan restructuring, or a loan workout plan, it is when a borrower who has encountered a financial hardship that is causing them to have difficulty making their mortgage payments and is facing foreclosure gets help. When sucessful the terms of the mortgage are adjusted to make the monthly payment affordable to the homeowner. The workout plan varies by circumstance and lender, but changes could include temporary or permanent changes to the mortgage rate, term and monthly payment of the loan, as well as having the past due amount rolled into the loan, and the new balance re-amortized.

    Loan Restructure – The purpose of loan restructuring is to provide a long-term solution for borrowers, who due to unforeseen circumstances, no longer see the repayment of their loan as a feasible option. Through a loan restructure, the lender would grant the borrower a more manageable repayment plan in order to help the borrower keep their home. .

    Short Sale – A borrower who can no longer afford their mortgage payment can also file for a short sale. By definition, a short sale occurs when a homeowner places his or her home up for sale and the bank is willing to accept less than what is owed on the property. This solution can be beneficial to both the homeowner and the lender if the property is not affordable to the current homeowner. First and foremost, Acocella Law Group, P.C. will analyze the specifics of the borrower’s case and determine whether a short sale is a possible option. This analysis is based on determining which stage of foreclosure the borrower is in, as well as whether the bank is receptive to the idea of a short sale. If the bank is receptive, Acocella Law Group, P.C. will find you a local realtor who specializes in short sale who will do a conservative market analysis of the homeowner’s property to determine its value. Then, the realtor will list the property and find a buyer for the short sale property. Once a buyer is found, Acocella Law Group, P.C. will present and negotiate the offer to the borrower’s lender, and once it is accepted, the closing process is similar to a traditional real estate purchase.

    Whether you are seeking a solution that would allow you to keep your home, or are interested in finding a way to orderly give up your home, we can help. The most important thing is to learn your options a that are available and act quickly. Waiting may only make your situation more serious and the solutions available less workable..


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